jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

We are your friends


We meet every day we met last year in a spring afternoon, since that day we are inseparable friends, this is group is fun, we met at school and study and have fun together.

This group is made up of 4 members:
Jean Pepper, Sombra Alexis,, Daix Agustín, Torres Damian.

We are good people and we have no malice towards anyone make our life and we do not pay attention to what anyone else says.


AGUSTIN: his favorite subjects is Matematica, live in Burzaco, I'm bad tempered, I like football, handball and voley English very difficult.

ALEXIS: i live Longchamps, like football and voley, his favorite subjects is Literatura, i like color orange.

JEAN: I was born in Ecuador, I come to live at seven years old, I love football, his favorite subjects English bat should learn more.

DAMIAN: I live in Lonchamps, his favorite subsjects is Literatura,  I like color red, I dont like English and Matematica